A local bank is warning customers of two new scams that are tricking people into giving criminals access to their bank accounts.

Security officials at Berkshire Bank say there are two new and effective scams being conducted in the Northeast this month. One is claiming that a refund is on the way or there's a problem with your computer and the other is a gift card scam.

"Anyone who wants you to login to your online banking while on the phone, or remotely in your computer, is a scammer. Never log on to your online banking while talking to a supposed reputable company – especially if you have given them remote access to your computer," the alert read.

The bank says to never give out passwords, access codes or online banking information to anyone. An actual bank representative will never ask for your online credentials in order to issue a refund.

Another scam that's currently prevalent is the "gift card" scam where nefarious characters attempt to get you to pay them in gift cards. "Scammers can call or email you, claiming to be with the IRS, tech support, or a popular company like Amazon, Apple, or Microsoft," according to the alert. "Scammers are good at convincing you, and persuading you to rush to the store and buy gift cards for payment – causing you to lose your hard-earned money."

The alert also warned customers to never give someone remote access to your computer, unless it is a known and confirmed tech support representative. No legitimate company will call you about a technical problem with a computer and and ask for remote access. It's recommended to hang up the phone or ignore the email or text message, and then reach out to the company using the published customer service telephone number.

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