How are former employees of Remington Arms coping and what are they hearing about getting back to work? Those were just some of the questions addressed at a recent United Mine Workers Union online town hall meeting for former employees of America's oldest gun maker.

Union President Cecil E. Roberts conducted the meeting, and the video, which was posted publicly on YouTube, was edited to protect the former employees by editing out the identity of those who participated.

The meeting allowed members to freely ask questions knowing that any sensitive material, including topics that might be considered "bargaining chips" with the new company, would be edited out before being posted publicly.

"The local union leadership there is to be commended. I need you to support them as they try to support this fight to protect your jobs, and get you back to work," said Roberts. "We need solidarity," he added in order to bargain with the new Remington owners.

Roberts said that when the new Remington is ready to solve this collective bargaining matter, he'll sit down with them and end "this ridiculous back and forth in the media" resolved.

"I tell people all the time, you can not bargain a collective bargaining agreement in the press." The best thing to do is get in a room and bargain hard, he added.

Roberts discussed vacation pay owed to former employees, 401K contributions and severance pay, that he says is owed by the old Remington company. He said employees won't get all of what is owed, but employees should receive most of what is owed to them sometime in the next month.

Roberts said that employees, if given the opportunity, should go back work so the new company can't claim that workers chose not to get back to work. He added that he wants to get workers, represented by the union, back to work without a strike. "That's the last thing we want to do," he said.

"Everybody wants this plant open," Roberts said.

Watch the complete video below.

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