Enchanted Forest Water Safari has closed for the season, but it looks like not everyone got the memo.

Having a water park in the heart of Adirondack Park means there's probably going to be a few non-human visitors from time to time. Park staff recently shared the photo on Facebook of a black bear strolling through the grounds.

Enchanted Forest Water Safari via Facebook
Enchanted Forest Water Safari via Facebook

It's been a hot summer for black bear activity in Adirondack Park, with an unfortunate number of bears being euthanized in 2022. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has put down 16 bears in 2022, compared to just two in 2021. Fortunately nothing like that was necessary for this little guy. He presumably just got frustrated that the rides weren't running, and left.

Depending on your feelings on large crowds, one could argue that this bear had the right idea by visiting the park when it was closed. Sure, maybe the water wasn't turned on, but all that fur might provide a decent cushion if he wanted to go down all the slides dry. And, plus-- no lines. Tough to argue with that logic.


As already mentioned, having your water park in the Adirondacks means the occasional animal might stop by looking for Dippin' Dots. It's definitely not unusual for staff and patrons to spot wildlife at the place where Fun Never Stops.

Here's another photo Water Safari shared of baby deer chilling under a dry ride:

Enchanted Forest Water Safari via Facebook
Enchanted Forest Water Safari via Facebook

While we humans will have to wait until the park opens again in June of 2023, the amusement park-loving animals of Adirondack Park will have free reign for awhile.

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