A woman is devastated after losing her wedding rings while picking strawberries and she's praying for a miracle they are found in the field.

Brooke Cavanagh Bennett of Oneida lost both her engagement ring and wedding band during a visit to Swistak Farm in Verona. They slipped off her fingers and are nowhere to be found. "My rings have been a few sizes to big since I lost some weight," Brooke said. She had intended to get them resized but the sizer she had to make the rings tighter broke. "Then it just slipped my mind and I’m just one of those people who never take my rings off for anything. I of course never thought such a thing would happen."

Sharee Fink, owner of Swistak Farm says they have searched all over the farm for the rings. They even got a metal detector to look for it. "Swistak Farm is going out of their way searching and I’m so thankful to them," said Cavanagh.

The chances of finding the rings are slim but Brooke says she's not giving up hope. "I’m aware at this point it’s probably one in a million to get them back. In the event anyone does come across them, I’m begging them to be honest and return the rings. I’m beyond crushed."

If anyone does happen to find the rings, you're being asked to turn them into managemend at Swistak Farm or contact Brooke on Facebook.

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