Since Stewart's Shops opened on Court Street in West Utica in December, between 750 and 1,250 customers a day have stopped in for food or gas according to the store's manager Samantha Swatling.

Swatling says opening the store in Utica has been a smooth transition and so far aside from gas, most customers enjoy the made-to-order subs and hot food such as soup, chili, breakfast sandwiches and pizza.

Swatling added that she can't wait for the North South Arterial project to be completed, because then residents who live on the west side of the Arterial will have easier access to the store.

Shelley Robbins lives on Court Street and used to have to travel to South Genesee Street for gas, or North Utica Walmart for small things like bread and milk, but now she gets her gas and other small items at Stewart's, and she loves it.

She says she visits Stewart's about every other day and her boyfriend goes every morning for coffee, and not having to travel makes life much easier.

District manager T.J. Petersen says they are happy to be a part of the City, and look forward to residents becoming more familiar with what the store has to offer.

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