Where is Dean? That is the question many of his neighbors are vehemently asking. The Utica man has been missing since at least November 7th. That is when The Utica Police Department announced their investigation into his whereabouts.

Photo Courtesy of Utica Police
Photo Courtesy of Utica Police

Police say the last known address for the missing man, 59-year-old Dean Alsante, is 13 Faas Avenue in Utica. At the time the missing person investigation was announced it is believed Alsante had not been seen in a long time.

Neighbors say they are very concerned and his disappearance is prompting a lot of questions. Banners and flyers have been popping up all over the West Utica neighborhood calling for #JusticeForDean.

You can see the last known photo of Dean above.

Neighbors Are Concerned

Kayla Clarke and Joey Kobielski are both neighbors of Alsante. They spoke to WIBX Wednesday morning to express their concerns over Dean's disappearance. Clarke stated that Dean has actually been missing since Halloween. She claims a paralegal from a law firm out of Buffalo knocked on her door looking for Alsante to get his signature on some documents.

That is when the suspicion started.

Both Joey and Kayla had not seen Alsante outside of his home on Faas Avenue for several years, after losing his leg, but they claim Alsante's girlfriend who lived nearby said he was in the nursing home.

The neighbors claim that is not true.

What Are Police Saying?

Curley also spoke to WIBX to confirm that the investigation was prompted by the paralegal from Buffalo trying to locate him. But, the story got even more bizarre when Curley informed WIBX that Alsante had not been seen since December 31st, 2022.

A possible theory that police are looking into is that Mr. Alsante has passed away and someone is possibly cashing benefit checks issued to him.

Lt. Mike Curley of the Utica Police Department provided an updated statement to WIBX:

The Utica Police Department is and will continue to investigate the missing person case of Dean Alsante. Our goal is to have a successful resolution for the family, however, ultimately we wish to provide them with the answers they seek regardless of the circumstances.

Police are asking anyone who may have information on Dean's whereabouts to contact the Utica Police Department Major Crimes Unit at 315-223-3556 or you can leave an anonymous tip with Mohawk Valley Crime Stoppers by calling 1-866-730-8477 (TIPS).

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