There never seems to be a more crowded place to hang out in the summertime heat than the beach.

Many people travel from places far and wide just to get a glimpse of the ocean and do absolutely nothing with thousands of strangers other than take a break from the grind and perhaps get a tan.

Yet, while most beaches are crowded, there are some that are really crowded, and others so clustered with people that visibility for sand is nearly zero.

But which beaches are the most crowded in America?

Well, if you decide to lay out on the beaches in Florida you should know that the state has the largest amount of overcrowded beaches on the list. However, these sandy bikini paradises don’t hold a candle to the top ranking beach — California’s Venice Beach wins hands down, attracting some 16 million people from all walks of life each year followed by Miami Beach with just over 13 million.

While there never really is a time that these beaches aren’t jam packed with people, travel experts recommend that going in the early morning hours and avoiding weekends like the plague is the best way to escape larger crowds.

Perhaps investing in a garden hose and a sandbox might not be a bad idea.

America’s Most Crowded Beaches

1. Venice Beach, California
Annual Visitors: 16,000,000

2. Miami Beach, Florida
Annual Visitors: 13,268,841

3. Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York
Annual Visitors: 11,164,975

4. Newport Beach, California
Annual Visitors: 9,446,850

5. Daytona Beach, Florida
Annual Visitors: 8,000,000

6. Huntington Beach, California
Annual Visitors: 7,936,526

7. Hollywood, Florida
Annual Visitors: 7,727,987

8. Waikiki Beach, Hawaii
Annual Visitors: 7,535,000

9. Jones Beach, New York
Annual Visitors: 5,100,000

10. Brevard County, Florida
Annual Visitors: 4,776,993