New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has rescued a newborn baby fawn, from a person who was keeping it tied up.

No, no, no, how can this be happening? This is the time of year when a doe will leave their young unattended to feed until it's strong enough to keep up. Mothers will also intentionally stay away from their young, up to 12 hours at a time, as a way of protecting them because will follow.

Year after year, in the spring, fawns and many other babies of wild animals are literally “kidnapped” by well-meaning humans who find them alone and assume they have been abandoned.

The DEC says white-tailed deer give birth to one or two fawns in April or May. The newborn fawns are then hidden in tall grass or under bush while the adults are out feeding. They will lie quietly and often not move to avoid attracting predators. The doe returns to feed the fawn every 4-5 hours and sometimes moves them to a new location. After the fawns gain strength, they will be able to accompany their mother.

If you find a fawn alone and quiet but alert and without obvious injuries, it's likely to be perfectly normal. It's best to keep children and pets away. Observe from a distance over a period of hours. The adult deer may not approach if people are close by.

Another way to make sure the fawn does not need your help to look for "The Five Cs." If a wild animal demonstrates any of these five symptoms, you should call The DEC for help.

1. Is she Crying?
2. Is she Cold?
3. Is she Coming toward you (approaching people)?
4. Is she Covered with blood or insects?
5. Has she been Caught by a cat or a dog?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, immediately call the DEC or your local police department for assistance.

The tied-up fawn with the collar was rescued on June 29 by ECO Parker. A tip came into the department about a whitetail deer fawn unlawfully possessed by an individual in the town of Liberty.

Upon arrival, ECO Parker noticed a taut rope tied to a pole leading into the nearby wood line. ECO Parker investigated further and located a fawn wearing a collar attached to a rope with a tie-out clip. The ECO then spoke to an individual in the area who admitted to taking the fawn into his possession after finding it abandoned.

The subject said that he planned to take care of the fawn until it was strong enough to be on its own. ECO Parker advised the subject that only licensed wildlife rehabilitators can take possession of protected wildlife and issued him a ticket for unlawfully possessing protected wildlife, returnable to the Town of Liberty Court. ECO Parker took possession of the fawn and transported it to a wildlife rehabilitator for further care.

Wildlife Rehabilitators are trained volunteers licensed by DEC. They are the only people legally allowed to receive and treat distressed wildlife. They have the experience, expertise, and facilities to treat and release wild animals successfully. The goal of the rehabilitator is to release a healthy animal back into the wild, where it belongs.

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