Did you see the bright light flying through the sky over Central New York? What the heck was it?

Several people took to social media to find out what that light that streaked over our heads on Saturday, September 24 happened to be. There were lots of guesses. Everything from a comet to something from out of this world.

Linda VanDuesen captured the white light in Cold Brook. "We saw it while sitting around the campfire," she shared on Facebook.

White Light Flies By Dolgeville

Michael Diederichs was able to capture a video of it as it flew over Dolgeville.

Falcon 9

So what was it? The flying object wasn't an alien spaceship as some first thought. It was actually the Falcon 9 rocket that launched in Cape Canaveral, Florida Saturday night. Space X even shared a video of the liftoff on Twitter.

52 Satellites

The Falcon 9 launched into orbit and the trail could be seen all over Central New York. It was carrying 52 Starling satellites that will supply high-speed wifi to people below.

This is actaully the 43rd time SpaceX has done an orbital mission. However, it's the first time it's been so visible in Central New York, a long way away from where it launched in Florida.

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