It was learned during the Keeler show on WIBX recently that the iconic Voss's in Yorkville has decided to change their award winning hot dog and replace it with a product made in Western New York.

That move has caused tremendous push-back from thousands of Greater Utica fans.

Honest John's hot dogs, which are made in Utica at Smith Packing, has been the hot dog Voss's used for several years as they built a brand like none other in the area.  Employees at Voss's confirmed Thursday that they have dropped Utica's Honest John's hot dog and have gone with a frank made in Rochester.

Joe 'Load' Leonard called into the Keeler Show on Thursday and complained.

"I waited 30 minutes in line for my favorite hot dog and when I tasted it, it didn't taste the same.  That's when I learned, they no longer use Honest John's," said Leonard.

Joe's call prompted other people to phone in and it was quickly learned that the Honest John's hot dog was also no longer available at Chanatry's Supermarket.  Calls to Chanatry's confirmed that the Utica hot dog would not be available until Memorial Day; but, that was just the beginning of the story.

(Photo by Bill Keeler / WIBX)

Shortly after the Keeler Show ended, it was learned that because of reaction from the program, Chanatry's had decided to change their timeline and immediately add the Honest John's hot dog and Honest John's luncheon meats into their deli section.  It was confirmed by WIBX that the local product was on the shelves at Chanatry's by 3 p.m..

So, here's our question.  Do you agree that we should make sure our local stores and restaurants are filled with local products like the Honest John's line of food products?  Furthermore, we were wondering where else can you find the Honest John's hot dog?

We have one for starters, Tasty Treat in North Utica proudly serves Honest John's Franks.  Joe 'Load' Leonard says you can taste the difference and that the Utica Frank is a superior product.  Joe claims it's even better when 'topped off with a Utica Club' if you're of age.

Honest John's hot dogs are also available at the Utica Memorial Auditorium and at all Utica Comets games.  The dog is officially called the 'Comet Dog.'  Honest John's are also available at Smith Packing in downtown Utica.

Share your results below on Facebook and Twitter.  Where else can we buy a delicious Honest John's Hot Dog?

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