The warm weather is beginning to turn cold. The leaves are changing colors on the trees. Summer is becoming fall in Upstate New York, so before fall becomes winter, why not take a road trip?

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New York is full of amazing day-trip destinations from the Capital Region up north, out west and beyond. These are the kind of trips where you don't have to rent a hotel room or an AirBnB; you can simply jump in the car, and spend the day visiting historic sites, shopping at family-owned restaurants, or simply enjoying the natural beauty.

So, let's narrow down that extensive list of destinations: where are the best, most picturesque day-trip destinations in New York?

The travel website put together their list of the ten most beautiful towns to visit in New York, ranking them from No. 10 down to No.1. These aren't the only ten, but in the eyes of the travel experts on this website, they're the best available to you in 2022.

So, we went out and found a few photos from each of the ten towns mentioned in order to show off the beauty that New York has to offer. In case you were hoping to travel to these towns from the Capital Region soon, we also listed the approximate drive time from Albany, to your destination.

Here are The Travel's top ten picturesque destinations in New York for a day-trip, and how long it would take you to make your arrival. Which towns from Upstate made the list?

Ten of the Most Beautiful Towns for Visiting in Upstate New York

With the weather getting colder and the leaves beginning to turn, now is the perfect time for a road trip in Upstate New York. Consider these ten towns for a visit.

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The G.O.A.T. goat statue has officially been unveiled in Upstate NY, as artist John Cerney created a brand-new baby goat statue at a Schoharie County farm.

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