Whitesboro, NY (WIBX) - In a surprise move, the mayor of Whitesboro announced her immediate  resignation. Brenda Gilberti had two more years left on her term. In a released statement, Gilberti alluded to the conflict that has risen between her and village trustee members.

After saying she was making her decision with a "saddened heart," Gilberti went on to say in the released statement, "However, in a small village, a Mayor needs a board behind them, one that is supportive - one that looks out for the taxpayers' pockets. Unfortunetly, this is not the case in Whitesboro. As the Village's budget manager, I am not in agreement with recent financial decisions, ones I believe are irresponsible, and will drastically impact taxpayers. I do not have the unilateral influence to change these policies and see this resignation as the only way to blow the whistle on decisions that will set Whitesboro back, hurt our residents."

Some are speculating that Gilberti's decision has to do with the recent vote for the village to begin collecting its own residential waste--a move that did not sit well with Gilberti. She said the proposal to purchase a new garbage truck would negatively impact tax payers. The decision also called for the Department of Public Works to pick up the garbage collection duty.

Village Trustee Patrick O'Connor--who won another term yesterday--said, "I'm dissapointed in how we're all finding out about this. However, I can assure residents that business will be conducted as usual." The board has convened a special meeting this afternoon to discuss Gilberti's resignation. In the meantime, Deputy Mayor Ray Davio will take over as Acting Mayor.

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