Expect the New York Mets to be sellers over the next week as the MLB trade deadlines approaches. 

The odds are stacked against a playoff run. They're 13.5 in the NL East, and 10 back in the Wild Card with a week left in July. Their chances are slim and none.

That doesn't bode well for Mets fans for the rest of this season, although it'd be nice to see the team call up some young talent, and see what prospects they can attract in potential trades this week.

Here's the list of the Mets' dead-weight. Players, specifically starters, who aren't likely to be re-signed by the team next year:

  • Lucas Duda, 1B
  • Jay Bruce, OF (the Mets may want to resign him next year but could trade him as rental now)
  • Neil Walker, 2B
  • Jose Reyes, IF
  • Curtis Granderson, OF
  • Asdrubal Cabrera, IF
  • Rene Rivera

Bruce is obviously having the best season of the group. He's got 25 homers so far this season and - as a mentioned above - a team in the playoff hunt in need of a lefty bat might be willing to part ways with young talent in a push to win now. If both sides were willing, Bruce could then return to New York when he hits the free agent market in the fall.

And these are just the everyday position players. It's possible the Mets could deal a bullpen piece, like Addison Reed. He's a proven closer (122 for his career) and the Mets could move him with the plan that Jeurys Familia would return from injury for 2018.

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