Not gonna lie, one of my favorite past times is playing bingo. There's nothing quite like the excitement sitting, awaiting the numbers on your card to be called. I own a variety of bingo dabbers (in fact, also own glow in the dark ones because glow in the dark bingo is so fun.)

If you're someone who also loves bingo, love wine and loves to help the community, this upcoming event to benefit the Landmarks Society of Greater Utica is one that you need to mark down on your calendar and attend. Grab all of your closest friends, too.

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Wine Bottle Bingo is an evening of fun taking place on Thursday, August 18. For just a ten dollar donation, and some bottles of wine, you can participate to win bottles of wine. The number of bottles you bring determines how many bingo cards you get. You can bring one, you can bring 10, it's totally up to you.

From there, each winner will walk away with bottles of wine through 12 games of bingo. Sounds pretty great if you ask me.

While you're there, coffee/tea and other goodies will be served for you to enjoy. You can also bring a bottle of wine for yourself and your friends to sip on while you're playing.

The $10 donation you're asked to donate will go towards the restoration of the Rutger No. 3 Mansion. Such a great, historical cause. And, it's also where the event is being held. It's located at the intersection of Rutger and John Streets at 6PM.

Get there early and get checked in, and get your bingo cards and a seat because this will be one that many attend.  You can find out more details by finding the event on Facebook.

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