UPDATE: State Police say they were able to return the ring to its owner after the person found it contacted police and turned it.

A sad story with a heartwarming potential out of the Syracuse area.

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A woman who was shopping at the Wegman's on Oswego Road in the town of Clay says she lost her diamond engagement ring while shopping there on October 28th, according to New York State Police.

When she realized, the woman called the store and was told that another customer had actually contacted the store to say they found a diamond engagement ring in that store's parking lot. However, the apparent finder of the jewelry didn't leave a name or contact number, police said.

This photo was provided by NY State Police:

engagement ring (via NYSP)
engagement ring (via NYSP)

Now the police, and someone's fiance, are hoping that person comes forward.

Anyone with information on the lost ring is asked to contact 315-366-6000.


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