Big soccer fans? Bigger seats. When soccer's World Cup heads to Brazil in 2014, the arenas used in hosting the games that determine soccer's world champion will be equipped with specially designed seats designated for obese people and/or people with disabilities. FIFA, the sport's governing body, has mandated the special seating for the tournament in Rio. Because the seats are larger, they will cost seat holders twice as much as regular seating.

If you've ever been to old stadiums like Fenway Park or Wrigley Field, you know that sports fans have evolved...outwardly. The seats that used to be fine for the fans of the 1900s aren't necessarily well suited to the fans of today, some of whom love to supersize everything. So, why not supersize their seats?

The, um, big question is whether the stadium vendors will spend a disproportionate period of time circling the 'obese seats,' thus affecting the in-game experience for other fans outside these sections.

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