U.S. Senator Charles Schumer is calling on Southwest Airlines to launch service in Syracuse.

In a personal call to Southwest CEO Gary Kelly, Schumer urged Kelly to expand and enhance the airlines' presence in Upstate New York by establishing service out of Syracuse’s Hancock International Airport for the first time.

Schumer says Hancock is the only major Upstate airport without Southwest Service.

He says Central New York residents have been known to drive to Albany, Rochester or even Buffalo to take advantage of Southwest’s low fares.

Schumer says this additional option would boost competition, availability of low-cost flights, and connectivity for travelers and businesses in Central New York.

“I’ve always strived to bring affordable air service to Upstate New York because it can lift our local economies and connect our state with the rest of the world,” said Senator Schumer. “Like all of us, airlines have spent the last year buckled down. Now we and they are roaring back, and there’s no better way for Southwest to profit from the recovery than by building upon its strong brand Upstate. Starting new flights from Syracuse will position Southwest perfectly for post-pandemic success.”

The Senate Majority Leader says Hancock is uniquely positioned and ready for take off.

Schumer recently successfully pushed JetBlue to establish service to Boston from Syracuse.

Schumer has secured nearly $934 million for New York airports during the pandemic, including more than $29 million to Hancock airport.

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