Every Central New Yorker loves halfmoons. They are not just a cookie, they are a way of life. We decided to come up with the 10 Commandments, and golden rules, for halfmoons.

1) Thou shall not be fooled by an imposter- The Black And White Cookie


2) Thou shall honor any unwanted half (whether that's the chocolate, or vanilla) by giving to your neighbor. No parts should ever be wasted!


3) Thou shall have no other cookie besides me. Thy shall never confuse halfmoons with pastries or cupcakes.


4) Thou shall never add anything to your halfmoon. Never top with sprinkles or any other crap.


5) Thou shall never steal from your neighbors halfmoon box.


6) Honor thy bakeries and restaurants that serve halfmoons.


7) Thou shall honor the only two acceptable flavors: Vanilla and Chocolate.


8) Thou shall not save halfmoons just for after dinner, enjoy them at any time of the day.


9) Thou shall never stack halfmoons. This will avoid frosting on the bottoms.


10) Thou shall never leave halfmoons out in the sun.




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