MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Attorneys at the trial of a former Minneapolis police officer charged in George Floyd’s death have moved closer to seating a full jury. They chose three on Thursday, bringing the panel to 12. Two alternates still must be chosen. Prosecutors want a judge to allow a forensic psychiatrist to testify that Floyd's actions when he struggled with officers trying to put him in a squad car were consistent with any reasonable person's anxiety or panic during a traumatic event, and that he wasn't necessarily resisting arrest. Floyd said he had claustrophobia. Derek Chauvin's attorney says if that is allowed, he should be able to tell the jury about Floyd’s drug arrest a year earlier. The judge will rule on Friday.



LOOK: Stunning vintage photos capture the beauty of America's national parks

Today these parks are located throughout the country in 25 states and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The land encompassing them was either purchased or donated, though much of it had been inhabited by native people for thousands of years before the founding of the United States. These areas are protected and revered as educational resources about the natural world, and as spaces for exploration.

Keep scrolling for 50 vintage photos that show the beauty of America's national parks.

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