The guilty verdict handed down in Minnesota on Tuesday drew significant reaction from around the Central New York. Many people, including politicians, immediately turned to social media to voice their opinion.


Most people tweeted comments that supported the jury findings, but there were plenty of posts in the region that were critical of the quick decision by the jury, which was made up of 6 white people, 4 black jurors and 2 people who identified as mixed race.

Oneida County District Attorney Scott McNamara told WIBX's Keeler Show on Wednesday that he was surprised that the jury returned a verdict so quickly. He also warned people to keep in mind that the charge of murder in the 2nd degree is a much different charge in Minnesota, as opposed to New York Law. He said the burden of proof is far different, and in New York, there is no murder in the 3rd degree.

There were many comments posted to social media on Tuesday from members of the community. Demonstrations were held over the last year in support of George Floyd, so it seems for many, this case was extremely personal and local.

These comments were posted to WKTV's message board:

Anything other than guilty on any of the charges will be a a torture a man to death in front of a crowd and be acquitted will set this country on fire..
Good! And I sure hope that wipes his smug look off his face! Nothing will bring Mr. Floyd back but hopefully this is a step in the right direction to show the Bad cops they can and will be held accountable for their actions.
A cop's job isn't to be judge, jury and executioner. He deserves everything he got and is going to get.
I wasn't going to read the comments but thought maybe. My mistake and I could not bring myself to keep reading.
The racists are alive and well in CNY.
Justice was served and I for one am proud of the jurors who brought this to a swift and righteous conclusion.
What I am not proud of is the small minded blind hatred in this community.

Shame on everyone of you.  

Chauvin will be sentenced in 8 weeks and experts believe the verdict will hold up on appeal. He's currently being held in a maximum security prison in a segregated housing unit to protect his safety. He's facing the potential for a consecutive 75-year sentence, but as a first-time offender under Minnesota law, will most likely see a much lighter penalty. Three other former police officers charged as accomplices in the death of George Floyd will be tried in August.

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