These are the places where the stuff of legends comes to life. Allegedly. Thirteen haunted locations in Central New York that truly embody what a ghost story is whether it's a phantom bride, a ghostly battle or ghostly guest.

13 - Landmark Theater

Syracuse, NY

Frequently hosting paranormal investigations, the Landmark Theater in Syracuse is haunted by a female ghost who goes by the name ‘Claire’ or ‘Clarissa’, and reportedly committed suicide by throwing herself off of a balcony. Clarissa’ is believed to be kept company by a stagehand called ‘Oscar’. These spirits have demonstrated their presence by physically appearing to observers, strange lights, photographic anomalies, as well as EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena). ‘Clarissa’ reportedly makes her presence known by the scent of lilacs.


12 - Union Station

Utica, NY

As with any train station, during its heyday, Union Station in downtown Utica was witness to many sever train crashes. There have been reports of seeing ghostly lights speeding along the track, as well as ghostly conductors and passengers.

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11 - Oriskany Battlefield

Oriskany, NY

As the location of one of the Revolutionary War’s bloodiest battles, as well as the location where General Nicholas Herkimer was mortally wounded, the Oriskany Battlefield is incredibly haunted by the ghosts of those who died on the battlefield. Because of the amount of fighting that took place soon after the battle, and with the sweltering summer weather, most of the deceased soldiers were left on the field, denied a proper burial. In 1884, a monument was erected on the site, providing these soldiers with the only headstone they would ever receive.

10 - Fort Stanwix

Rome, NY

A recreation of the original fort, drum and fife music is reported to be heard from the parade grounds. Apparitions of spirits dressed in American and British military uniforms are reported wandering around the grounds. A one-legged man is spotted in the living quarters, as well as a small boy glimpsed as he runs around a corner. There have also been reports of a woman wailing for her lost child.

9 - Erie Canal Village

Rome, NY

A conglomeration of many houses from different periods in CNY’s history, Erie Canal Village has many spirits haunting the location. Also containing Fort Bull, Erie Canal Village is haunted by the spirits of soldiers killed in fighting, as well as the spirit of a conductor that still haunts the train station located on the property.


8 - Rutger Park

Utica, NY

Consisting of multiple historic buildings, Houses #1, Munn's Castle and #3, Miller's Folly are the main focus of paranormal activity. House #1 is a former nursing home, and House #3 belonged to Roscoe Conkling. Ghostly voices, and shadowy figures have been spotted in both buildings.

7 - Historic Four Corners

Herkimer, NY

Where the Herkimer Historical Society, the Courthouse, and the Old Jail are located, this area has seen a lot of tragic events, including the trial of Chester Gillette for the murder of Grace Brown, and Roxalana Druse for the murder of her husband William. All three buildings are incredibly haunted, with some of the ghosts possibly being attributed to these tragic events.


6 - Capitol Theater

Rome, NY

The Capitol Theater in Rome is well known to be haunted with reports that include spotting the spirit of a man who is reported to be a former projectionist. There are also reports that a former actor haunts the stage, as well as a ghost cat that has been spotted wandering around.

5 - Hotel Utica

Utica, NY

The historic Hotel Utica in downtown Utica once hosted famous politicians and actors, now there are frequent spottings of a tuxedoed man wandering around the hotel. In addition a ghostly woman has also been spotted.


4 - 13 Curves

Marcellus, NY

On a road in Marcellus, just outside Syracuse lies the famed road of 13 Curves. Reportedly haunted by the ghost of a woman killed on her wedding night, the folklore of this location takes many forms. Some report seeing a woman standing in the road, while others see her walking along the shoulder carrying a lantern. Others have reported seeing a woman in a blood-stained dress walking along the side of the road, sobbing.


3 - Stanley Theater

Utica, NY

The Stanley Theatre in downtown Utica is best known for its ornate, baroque style, the Stanley is reportedly haunted, with a single seat in the audience never being sold, out of respect for the spirits that reside in the building.

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2 - Split Rock Quarry

Syracuse, NY

Just outside of Syracuse lies the Split Rock Quarry, a former munitions factory that exploded in 1918, leading to many lives lost. The quarry is still reportedly haunted by those who were killed. Reports include voices, footsteps, and hearing the engine of the crusher, which was damaged in the explosion, and hasn’t ran since.


1 - Beardslee Castle

Little Falls, NY

A local restaurant best known for its resemblance to a castle, Beardslee Castle in Little Falls is reported to be incredibly haunted. Reports have involved hearing disembodied voices, as well as the apparition of a man who allegedly committed suicide in the basement. Now after 28 years since the first investigation Beardslee Castle has become a staple of Central New York ghost stories.


- Bonus -

'Old Main' Utica Psychiatric Center Hospital

The Old Main Psychiatric Center Hospital first opened its doors in 1843. The state hospital served the public until its closure in 1978. After the closure of the building, and as it fell into further disrepair, rumors began to spread that the building was haunted however, only staff and few visitors have ever reported any paranormal activity.

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