Utica, NY (WIBX) - Beginning in July, Herkimer and Oneida County residents will be able to co-mingle different groups of recyclables. This new "single stream" approach will allow mixed paper to be put on the curb within the same recycling bin as plastic and glass containers.

Executive Director of the Herkimer-Oneida Waste Authority, William Rabbia says this new system of recycling should increase recycling habits as well as benefit the entire region.

New recycling bins will not be made available, however if residents would like to use their own bins, they can do so, but only if the bin has an OHSWA-approved sticker on it. Another change - residents will no longer be able to put recycled items into plastic bags, all recycled products need to be in a bin. The only recycled items residents can bag are shredded paper products.

The new rules take effect July 5th.

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