I like Chris Berman's home run call. He has a good sound and delivery, too. I just don't like hearing it 350 times in one night!

Anyhow, we now know whose long drives he'll be 'back-back-backing' all night at the 2013 MLB Home Run Derby at Citi Field in New York.

*Note: Berman will have the TV back-back-back calls, and the in-stadium back-back-backers will be ESPN Radio hosts Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg, reports Newsday.

National League derby captain David Wright of the New York Mets, and his American League counterpart - New York Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano have picked their respective teams, well almost.

Cano says he's waiting for confirmation from his final choice, so for now, the AL's fourth contestant is TBA.

And, before you look, it is worth mentioning who this selection works. Guys need to be All-Stars. So, this isn't the leagues top home run hitters of the season, although, some are. But, not all. And, guys can decline. So even if a real slugger is selected to the AS Game, and gets invited to the derby, he may say he wants the night off, or wants to go out to dinner with family, or just sit and watch the exhibition. Which are all options that fans loooovvvve to hear!

Also, keep in mind these AL and NL 'teams' aren't teams. They don't collectively compete against the other league. It's every man for himsef. You could have all four guys from one league in the second round and the two finalists from the same league, as well. Or possible this year - but not likely - the same MLB team.