Wednesday, April 9, 2014

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***Today's Topics***


- Warmer Weather is on the way! We will see temperatures as high as 63 this week. There is a flood warning for the Mohawk River and the Delta Dam in Rome.

- UCONN Women win the NCAA Tournament and complete their undefeated season.

- Female FOX News Reporter announces the UCONN Men's NCAA Tournament Championship as the NAACP.

- We almost re-opened a can of worms by bringing up the A Historic/An Historic debate thanks to Alex Trebek and Final Jeopardy Last Night.

- Oscar Pistorius trial continues with more of his tearful testimony. Do we buy it?


Preview of What's Ahead:
- Robert Channing during Sound Off. Let's see what we can find out from him.
- Miss Utica will be on to discuss WE Network filming her this weekend.
- Great VIP Club Prizes Available, Including the chance to Flyaway to any Major League Game in the country:


- Herkimer School District Facing a deficit.

- According to the UPD, there is a white male with a suspected speech impediment that is conning elderly women in order to steal their purses. If anyone knows anything call us at 736-0186 and we will contact police.

Ray Stagich's Weather Forecast

- Warm week ahead, but a colder week next week. Perfect timing for kid's spring breaks.


- With Drone technology advancing quickly, it is possible that they will be used for bad. Possible terrorism uses. One man already arrested for threat of a school bombing with drones.

- Joy Behar gets under Governor Christie's skin at roast for former New Jersey governor.

Tonya Kassler - Miss Utica

Tonya is the reigning Miss Utica and will be participating in a pageant in Manhattan and the WE Network will be in town filming on Sunday to feature Tonya in the show.

- Hillary Clinton defends the P*ssy Riot Female Music Group.

Chester's Flowers - Palm Sunday Open House


- Our Sound Off today was an attempt to get information out of potential America's Got Talent contestant Robert Channing. Being a mentalist and listener of the show, he wasn't falling for Andrew's incredible voice disguise.

Chris Salatino - Utica School Board President

- The Utica School District has received funding that will allow for them to bring back a total of 73 positions in the district.

Jim Moran - Voice of Vernon Downs Retiring After 50 Years

- Jim discusses with us all of his memories of Vernon Downs history, legendary racers that have come through there, and a history of the sport.

- Friday will be his last call to kick off the Opening Night.

- Before we got to Jim we discussed briefly a North Korean official who was executed.

Bob Steward - Owner of Shots

- Bob is in to promote his comedy show tonight at SHOTS Sports and Entertainment Bar. Dinner is available from Seymour's Barbecue and the show starts at 8pm. Doors open at 7:30. There will be a comedy show every other Wednesday night.

Stories To Catch Up On:

- Pistorius Case.

- Redneck Commentary on Bird Consumption.

- FOX News Reporter says UCONN Men won the NAACP tournament.

Killing Time:

- Bill is early for the first time in a year and a half according to Jeff.

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