What started out as a 28,000 vote lead for Claudia Tenney over Rep. Anthony Brindisi after election night, is now almost a statistical tie. The counting of absentee ballots continued on Tuesday as Brindisi gained ground by a margin of better than 70-percent.

Tenney now leads Brindisi by less than 3,500 votes, with just under 10,000 absentee ballots to be counted. Brindisi would need to win the remaining votes in Chenango, Herkimer, Oneida, Oswego, and Tioga counties, by a margin just better than 70-percent, according to a source.

Syracuse.com has Tenney's lead cut to 3,576 votes with 9,033 ballots remaining to be counted. WKTV is reporting that Tenney's lead has been cut to 3,483 votes.

Brindisi has made significant gains by winning the absentee vote by better than 70-percent throughout the district, with the greatest gains in Broome and Oneida Counties. Brindisi is leading Tenney in Oneida County's absentee ballot count by 6,278 votes with some 4000 still to be counted, according to Syracuse.com.


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