Living in Central New York, you might just think Herkimer Diamonds are "just another rock". Well first off, it's a quartz. These diamonds are world famous.

Herkimer Quartz "Diamonds" are actually extremely popular outside the walls of Central New York. Believe it or not, Herkimer Diamonds are powerful amplifiers of spiritual energy. They are used for healing, they are used in meditations, dream and vision work, and advanced spiritual work. Could you believe all of this from a Herkimer diamond?

Here's a few uses for these diamonds you may have never thought of before, or even heard about:

1) Herkimer Diamonds Are Used For Physical Healing Energy

Herkimer diamonds are used as a pain reliever. People will place them on the area that has pain, and usually it will help reduce the pain until it disappears within a few minutes. Herkimer helps ride the body of tension in the outer and physical bodies, and helps to re-align the energy structure. You can learn more about it's healing here.


2) Herkimer Diamonds Are Used For Emotional Healing

Herkimer Diamonds help clear the body-mind of fears, repressions, and help allow for total relaxation. Many psychics and healers will use them to help with emotional pain.


3) Herkimer Diamonds Are Used For Chakra Healing and Other Spiritual Energy

Herkimer Diamonds are used to help heal three of your Chakras: The Crown Chakra (which is located at the top of the head), The Brow Chakra (this is also called the Third Eye), and the Heart Chakra. Herkimer Diamond works well with nearly any other stone to stimulate and re-balance chakra energies.


4) Herkimer Diamonds Are Used For Meditation

Herkimer Diamonds are used by many to help assist in meditation.  Experts suggest if you're looking for an out-of-body experiences, choose a Herkimer with a black inner seed, and focus on the black part.


5) Dan Aykroyd Uses Them On Vodka

Actor Dan Aykroyd is the man behind the Crystal Head Vodka fame. Did you know he uses Herkimer Diamonds to help make the vodka pure?

Herkimer diamonds are semi-precious quartz crystals. New Age belief systems profess that quartz crystals emit positive energy and are known to have properties that promote human healing and wellbeing. Though we can’t explain it, taste-testers who sample Crystal Head Vodka with and without the triple Herkimer diamond filtration, resoundingly choose the Herkimer diamond fluid.  When asked to articulate their preference, comments ranged from “It was smoother” to “It tasted the best.”"



Check Out This $25,000 Herkimer Diamond

How much are you willing to spend on a Herkimer Diamond? Would you spend a few hundred, thousands, or $25,000? Currently, for sale on eBay, you could buy "The Cactus."

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