Looking to own a unique home? Maybe you want to feel like royalty? This house definitely gives you both, for way less than you'd think.

It is a castle. It isn't every day in New York State a castle hits the market for sale, but today it has. In fairness, this Pine Bush, New York home has been on the market for many days, which could mean it is your time to strike and feel like a king or queen by owning your very own castle.

It doesn't have a moat, nor knights guarding your home at its gates, but it does have charm. A castle typically wouldn't have charm, many times they feel dark and dungeon-like. This home is humble, it is warm and inviting, assuming those invited step inside. Missing are numerous tall pillars, instead, you have plenty of form and functionality.

Is it a castle? Well, perhaps it couldn't be considered it. But, Zillow sure considers it one. When you search for castles, it pops right up at the top of the list. The best part is, it isn't going to cost you a fortune like many castles throughout the world. Instead, for a total of $799,000, this home could be all yours.

Once you dive inside through the pictures below, you'll see little quirks and features that just might make you fall in love. Features that include a mural on the ceiling in the living room. A small window where you can crawl onto a balcony is another cool little feature too. Scroll down and view all of the wonderment this New York castle has to offer.

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