If you grew up in the Capital Region, chances are you visited Hoffman's Playland in Loudonville as a kid. When it closed back in 2014, it left a void for a lot of kids and adults in the area. Even though it relocated to Huck Finn's in Albany, the land where it once stood was abandoned. Now it looks like something may finally occupy that space.

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What May Be Built in the Old Hoffman's Playland Space?

There are big plans for the Hoffman's Playland site. Even though it has laid dormant for eight years, there has always been something in the works. There was some red tape and planning hiccups along the way. But last year the town approved a concept plan. The project is called The Galleria at Loudonville. It will be a senior housing and retail complex. There will be a 26,000 square foot building that will have restaurants, retail stores, a four-story independent living building for seniors along with 85 apartments, and a three-story senior building that will hold 92 beds according to the Times Union.

YouTube/Luke Radel


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When Will The Project Be Complete?

It's tough to say. Last year there were meetings with the town departments over feedback and questions about the plans and the impact on the environment in that area. Now the developers will respond to the notes that the town recommended. After that, there will be another review of the plans.

Nick Costa who is the project developer said this about the project:

We think there’s a great area for this type of development. We think the seniors would like facilities like this because it would be near Newton Plaza, near Bellinis, so seniors aren’t just stuck in an institutional setting.

Abandoned Hoffman's Playland! Once Beloved Place Now Heartwrenching View

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.
Hoffman's Playland was an amusement park in Latham from 1952 until 2014. Even though many of the rides were relocated to Huck Finn's Playland in Albany, Hoffman's holds a soft spot in many Capital Region families' hearts. Take a look at the now-abandoned Hoffman's Playland. 

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