Some scary photos have been released of what Police say is evidence of a Utica man stopping traffic with what appears to a be a real rifle, attempting to steal a vehicle from motorists traveling near the Walmart on Route 9 in Latham, NY.

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Colonie Police released the images and say Daquan Forehand - a 25 year old from Utica - is facing 17 charges after causing a 'chaotic' scene and menacing several people with what was thought to be a real gun. Police say they received 911 calls on Wednesday in regard to man near the Walmart on Loudon Road in Latham who was pointing a rifle at motorists and attempting to steal a vehicle.

Forehand was shopping with a relative at Walmart and was looking a pellet rifles, according to police. They say Forehand suddenly snatched a rifle from the store clerk and ran through the store and into the parking lot, menacing several people along the way.

These photos above and below were taken from a motorist's dash-cam, showing Forehand standing in front of the vehicle and pointing the pellet gun directly into it. While it turned out it was just a pellet rifle, police say all those who called to report the incident didn't know the gun wasn't real, and officers who responded to the scene didn't know either.

Daquan Forehand via Colonie Police Department
Daquan Forehand via Colonie Police Department

Officer say Forehand resisted arrested but was eventually taken into custody

On the Colonie Police Facebook page describing the incident, officers made clear the situation could have ended in a much different way.

''The multiple Officers from the Colonie Police Department who responded to this incident and located the individual showed tremendous restraint, being able to safely detain this individual using minimal force, in a chaotic scene where the use of deadly physical force would have been justified. Officers remained calm and used rapidly developing information from witnesses to make split-second decisions, ultimately resulting in a successful outcome,'' the statement read.

Forehand is facing four felonies, including two counts of Attempted Robbery, Menacing a Police Officer and Grand Larceny in the fourth-degree. He is also charged with misdemeanor charges of Resisting Arrest, three counts of Criminal Possession of a Weapon, eight counts of Menacing in the second degree and Petit Larceny.

Police also said Forehand had been released from the Oneida County Jail earlier in the day, where he had been in custody on an unrelated domestic violence charge. Following the Latham incident, he was taken Albany Medical Center and was awaiting a mental health evaluation.

Pellet rifle allegedly stolen and used by Forehand via Colonie Police Department
Pellet rifle allegedly stolen and used by Forehand via Colonie Police Department


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