Latham Circle Mall

Nothing tugs at our emotional heartstrings like seeing old photos from places or events in Upstate New York that take us back to a specific time or a place in our lives.

The following gallery will more than likely do just that - as we've been able to obtain a bunch of quality photos taken from inside the iconic Latham Circle Mall, just a short time before it was demolished in 2013.

Photo: Frank Zecca Flickr
Photo: Frank Zecca Flickr

How many of these stores, salons, restaurants, and shops do you recognize?

See the images below!

Photos or videos inside "dead" or "abandoned malls", especially ones from the Capital Region, qualify as the kind of content that we love seeing because the memories are so deep.

Back in the 70s, 80s, 90s, and most of the early 2000s, malls were one-stop shopping - a centralized hub for all things shopping, food, entertainment, or just hanging out - and for teenagers, it was a way of life.

And even while nearby Crossgates Mall and Colonie Center were thriving, Latham Circle Mall had its place - and residents from North Colonie and beyond found something they were looking for at the mall by the infamous Latham roundabouts.

Latham Circle Mall had a good run

It became a fully enclosed shopping mall in 1977 and hung on until the late 1990s when the industry started to change.

In its heyday, many remember shopping at County Seat, Express, The Gap, Deja Vu, and of course, Kleins All Sports before hitting up the Malt River Brewing Company for a cold drink and a burger or some wings.

Large department stores like Caldor went out of business in 1999, and that part of the mall became a Lowes. Sensing that their business may be short-lived there too, other tenants started to leave the Latham mall.  Latham Circle held on until the early 2000s - but that was about it.

Latham Circle Mall was declared a "dead mall" in the early 2000s and was demoed in April 2013. But to this day, many Upstate New York residents still hold it near and dear to their hearts.

Thanks to Frank Zecca for allowing us to use his gallery of Flickr photos.

Nostalgic Photos Taken Inside Latham Circle Mall Before 2013 Demo

Gallery Credit: Brian Cody TSM Albany

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