New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood is announcing a record $174.2 million dollar consumer fraud settlement with Charter Communications and Spectrum Cable for defrauding internet subscribers.

The $62.5 million in direct refunds to consumers is believed to be the the largest-ever payout to consumers by an internet service provider in U.S. history.

The settlement includes direct restitution of $62.5 million for over 700,000 active subscribers, who will each receive between $75 and $150, as well as streaming services and premium channels, with a retail value of over $100 million, at no charge for approximately 2.2 million active subscribers.

The agreement settles a consumer fraud action alleging the state's largest ISP denied customers the reliable and fast internet service it had promised.

This is the first settlement to result from the Attorney General's major investigation of broadband internet service in New York.

“This settlement should serve as a wakeup call to any company serving New York consumers: fulfill your promises, or pay the price,” said Attorney General Underwood. “Not only is this the largest-ever consumer payout by an internet service provider, returning tens of millions of dollars to New Yorkers who were ripped off and providing additional streaming and premium channels as restitution – but it also sets a new standard for how internet providers should fairly market their services.”

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