A user in an Albany Reddit group recently posted something disturbing she witnessed at a mall food court, and it's stirring a lot of debate.

Here is what the original post said:

I just witnessed a mom change her kid on a food court table at a mall. Granted she laid a blanket down but is this still right?

Naturally this got people talking. Most responses to the post were of the "disgusted" variety.

I have no problem with mothers breast feeding in public, but putting urine and feces on a table other people are going to eat at... gross.

Some users made snarky comments to the effect of "those tables are already dirty anyway," which I'm sure is true to some degree. But mostly people wondered why the person in question couldn't just go to the bathroom to change their child. There are usually restrooms in the very near vicinity of mall food courts.



From a personal standpoint, I have no problem with it. I think it's a mark of a progressive society to be able to relieve yourself mere inches from somebody eating a meal. Plus, I often find the smell of feces goes well with mall Chinese food. I mean, when you think about it... are they really all that dissimilar?

For the record, I think mothers should be allowed to give birth directly on the food court tables as well. And morticians should be allowed to embalm corpses right in front of Sbarro.

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