There is something about animal stories that captures our attention and emotion.

It could be their furry, cuddly, innocence, or that they can't speak for themselves.

And, when we hear about animal abuse, we react compassion, which is usually followed quickly by anger and a demand that the abuser face stiff punishment in return.

via Stevens Swan Humane Society

This is the case with Autumn, a dog found severely emaciated in Utica, NY recently (photo right). Gladly, as we continue to follow this story, we can tell you it appears Autumn is recovering and gaining some weight back, according to John Treen at the Stevens Swan Humane Society, where Autumn is receiving care.

It remains unclear who owned Autumn and how she became to weigh just 28 pounds.

Treen says it is likely the dog was under someone's 'care' but not being feed. Otherwise, if she had been left alone to roam the streets, he suspects the dog would have been able to find some type of food for itself.

When found in Utica this month, Autumn looked like a 'dinosaur skeleton you'd find at a museum.' That comment came from First News with Keeler in the Morning host, Bill Keeler, who spoke with Treen this week to get an update on the dog's condition.

Full interview from WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning: