Utica, NY (WIBX) - One of the Utica Zoo's three newest babies is marking an important milestone in her life.


The baby seal is learning to swim.  Andria DeLisle-Heath, Executive Director of the zoo, says that it is a popular misconception that baby seals are born knowing how to swim.  They have to be taught, she says, and the new pup is quickly becoming an expert, joining mom Munchkin and dad Porter.  Weighing in at just over thirty pounds, though, it will be a while before she joins mom and dad in the water.  Dad weighs about 650 pounds and could easily crush the little one without intending to do so.

The pup has yet to be named.  The zoo is offering a naming program similar to the one by which Donovan the lion was named last year.  For more information call the Utica Zoo at (315) 738.0472.

The video below was taken by Daniee Hurlbert of the Utica Zoo:

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