This idea smells like it could be a winner.

A Seattle-based company called J&D’s Foods has unveiled bacon-scented deodorant called Power Bacon.

It goes on sale this week, the perfect gift for the fatty meat lover in your life who wants to smell like they've been working in the kitchen of a roadside greasy spoon, like Mel from 'Alice.' Power Bacon isn't too pricey, either -- in fact, you only have to 'pork' up $9.99 for one stick.

The company is serious about bacon. It started in 2007 and the men in charge think outside the frying pan by referring to themselves as bacontrepreneurs.

Power Bacon is merely the latest bacon-inspired product from the company's large inventory, which also features other must-haves such as bacon shaving cream, bacon lip balm, bacon sunscreen and, presumably after letting your love of bacon corrode your arteries to the point of death, bacon coffins. Heck, it's almost enough to make you forget how bad bacon can be for you.

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