Waking up in the morning isn’t easy, but you can make it more appealing. Or this could be some kind of special torture, depending upon how you feel about it.

Oscar Mayer has revealed a new app called Wake Up and Smell the Bacon, which rouses you in the morning to the sound of sizzling bacon. The campaign, which runs through April 4, only requires you to answer three questions and fill out your email address. From there, you may win the scent portion of the app, a device that plugs into your phone and fills your room with the delicious, mouthwatering scent of bacon.

Seriously, could there be a better way to wake up?

The app is free and available for the iPhone. Unfortunately you won’t be able to purchase the scent plug-in, so keep your fingers crossed that you’re one of the lucky few who wins one. Submit your entry now!

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