The Bagg's Square Association held a neighborhood meeting Monday night to show residents of the neighborhood what's been accomplished in the area over the summer.

Board Member Michelle Truett says the re-branding of Bagg's Square is in full swing and has been spreading through social media.

They expect CFA Grants to be announced in the near future, and with all the projects and  businesses coming into the neighborhood, Truett says she couldn't be more excited.

"I' excited about all the entrepreneurs and the people in Bagg's Square who are working really hard, and its like this little neighborhood that's about to bust," Truett said. " I think if some of these things come to fruition, we're going to have more loft apartments, there will be more people living here, working here, patronizing and its just going to be this really exciting little one mile by quarter mile neighborhood."

Truett said they also have National Grid grant money to improve streetscapes and Utica Coffee Roasters will be expanding their business.

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