Corned beef and melted swiss, is there anything better? The Reuben is just one of those magical sandwiches where all its components work together in ultimate harmony. The corned beef, Swiss, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing on rye bread… my God, it’s perfect. If you change just ONE of those things, like the type of cheese, or the type of bread… you might have an edible sandwich, but it just won’t be the same. 


My love of Reubens is a testament to how much my tastes have matured since childhood. I would’ve given any kid a run for their money in a Pickiest Eaters World Championship. Up until the age of 10, I basically only ate two things: Cheerios, and mustard sandwiches. If you showed 10-year-old me all the components of a Reuben sandwich, there would’ve been no way. Sauerkraut? On a sandwich?! You’re out of your mind. What do I look like, a savage? Fast forward all these years later, the Reuben has become my go-to sandwich when I eat out. 

Like all great recipes, the Reuben’s exact origin is hotly contested, but most people associate it with Kosher delis. This makes the Reuben somewhat of a delicious contradiction; it’s Kosher in origin, but it’s non-Kosher in execution, due to meat and cheese being served together. As a gentile, I’ve never really cared about any of that, which makes me free to stuff my face with them on the regular.

Luckily there are plenty of places in the Utica area to grab a hot Reuben during these cold days:

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Here are 13 places where you can get a hot Reuben sandwich in Utica.
Here are some other Utica area restaurants to grab a great sandwich:

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