You know that feeling when you're completely blown away by something you weren't expecting? That's exactly how I felt the first time I saw these drinks. Aren't they massive? They honestly could be the biggest in all of New York State.

Lakeview Lanes in Fulton is the home of these bad boys. Not only are there several Bloody Mary options that are completely over the top, but they also have a loaded Mimosa. You definitely won't need to order a meal when you order one of these.

You'll need to stop in ASAP if you want to get one, they only serve them on Sundays during Football season as a special.

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Here's what the Bloody Mary menu looks like:

"The Godfather" - $20 - Garlic pizza, mozzarella sticks, jalapeno poppers, meatball skewers w/ prosciutto, provolone & olive pinwheels

"The Fat Bastard" - $25 - Cheeseburger, pretzel log, onion rings, & potato skins

"The Dahmer" - $25 - Steak, onion & pepper shish kabob, chicken tender, fried pickles & onion rings

"The Krakken" - $30 - Snow crab claw, cocktail shrimp, asparagus & coconut shrimp

On top of this, All Bloody Marys are garnished with celery stalks, bacon, waffle fry skewers and pickles.

One of the specials they had this past Sunday wasn't one on the menu, but it was called the "Molly Whopper" and had almost all Bloody Mary toppings combined. It had a cheeseburger, onion rings, potato skins, a quesedilla, pretzel log, mozzarella sticks, egg roll, chicken tenders, and more. Holy moly.

They also have a Loaded Mimosa on special, and it's your ultimate breakfast drink. It has french toast sticks, waffles, bacon, hash browns, a twinkie and more.

Here's all the photos up close individually. Would you try one? Let us know in our station app.

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