Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi says legislation to put an end to the unfair pricing of gasoline based on factors like geographic location has passed the Assembly for the fourth time.

The legislation is again headed to the Senate, where it has yet to be passed.

Brindisi says the practice know as "zone pricing" has penalized Mohawk Valley drivers for years.

He says shows gas prices in the Utica-Rome area range from $2.34 to $2.44 a gallon, while in Syracuse, the price was considerably less--$2.19 to $2.29 a gallon.

The law would set the price of gasoline in New York by factors like the price of crude oil and transportation and vending costs.

“If a car owner pays several dollars more per fill up, that can make a huge difference in their family’s budget.  For many people, that could amount to hundreds of dollars a year.  I have been fighting for this common-sense measure for four years, and it’s time to enact this legislation into law, so that the State Attorney General’s office has the ability to investigate any arbitrary and unfair differences in the price of gasoline in New York,” Brindisi said.

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