Governor Cuomo doesn't get a lot of love from Central and Upstate New York. And despite allowing a limited number of fans to attend the Bills' game this weekend, there's not a lot of sweetness coming from the western part of the state either.

When the Bills' clinched their first division title, earning them their first home playoff game in two decades, even the Governor got into the celebration. Working with the NY Health Department, a plan was announced to allow 67-hundred fans to attend the game, provided they followed COVID-19 protocols and guidelines. It all led to team owners Terry and Kim Pegula inviting the Governor to attend the game.

The thought didn't sit so well with one Bills' fan, Jeff Dorenzo, who started a petition to stop Cuomo from attending. Apparently several thousand people share the same sentiment. Dorenzo's original goal was to obtain 15-thousand signatures, as of now, the petition has been signed by nearly 28-thousand people, with hundreds more adding their names every minute.

Dorenzo has even added a special message to Cuomo, here's where you can sign the petition.

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