Just when you thought we had reached the highest level of craziness in the race for New York's 22nd Congressional seat, along comes a North Utica based YouTube channel that's ready to take the cake.

It's the Ruby and Lace Channel paying tribute to Congresswoman Claudia Tenney, as well as blasting her opponent, Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi. The channel is hosted by Peg Roberts and her sister, Fran Henry who vow to educate voters on why they should vote Tenney for the upcoming mid-term election on Tuesday, November 6th.

"We have to be crazy to do this kind of thing; but, it's for our country," said Peggy Roberts. "We are patriots," she added.

The handful of parody videos include Native American Tribute to Claudia Tenney, Walk Away Democrats, D'Rats Brindisi's Failed Abortion Bill, and Brindisio's Got Strings, among others. One of the videos borrows from a Pinocchio cartoon and overdubs words that imply that Brindisi lies and Dems and Nancy Pelosi will be pulling his strings if elected. Another video (pictured above) shows five locals dressed in Native American costumes singing the praises of Claudia. The Indian reference in the song is most likely intended to be ironic, considering Tenney has been at odds with Nation Representative and CEO of Oneida Nation Enterprises, Ray Halbritter for several years.  The Brindisio video features a voice of what is supposed to be an Italian-American person speaking negatively about Brindisi in broken English.

In all, there are six videos relevant to the upcoming election.  If your reaction is like ours, you'll be saying, "Now, I've seen it all" after watching the videos.  Check out all the videos below. You can also reach Peggy's YouTube channel by clicking here.

See more videos here.