There's a small island in New York, inside a little park along the water, where you can see a sea of beautiful flowers but it's only for a few weeks every year.

In the Hamlet of Mertensia in Farmington, New York there is a place where you can visit a fairyland of vibrant blue blossoms that blanket the ground. Bluebell Island in the Finger Lakes region is home to thousands of Virginia Bluebells that emerge this time of year in Mertensia Park along the banks of Mud Creek.

The flowers don't last long. After they blossom, the beautiful Bluebells will yellow and die completely by June.

Credit - John Kucko Digital via Facebook
Credit - John Kucko Digital via Facebook

Bluebells History

Bluebells are native to France and England and have been gracing gardens and wooded areas with their beautiful bluish-purple flowers since the early 1500s. The flowers are rich in pollen and nectar and are pollinated by bumblebees, although they are also visited by various other insects.

Don't Pick Bluebells

If you are planning a trip to Bluebell Island in Mertensia Park on Mertensia Road in Farmington any time soon, please don't pick or trample the flowers. Just admire the beauty and allow others to do the same. But you better hurry. The Bluebell season has almost come to an end. If you don't make it to the island soon, you'll have to wait until next year.

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