This year's Boilermaker Charity Bib Program was a big success.

The program raised nearly $149,000 for 21 local charities, with 40 runners raising in excess of $1,000.  Runners needed to raise at least $500 to qualify as a Charity Bib runner.

“The Boilermaker prides itself on being a change agent for health and wellness” said Tim Reed, President of the Boilermaker. “The Boilermaker Charity Bib Program is a perfect way for us to help those who help others.”

“I love participating in the Charity Bib Program because, it gives you a little something extra to run for” said WIBX's Andrew Derminio, who ran for Sitrin. “When you hit the finish line of the best 15k's in America you feel you have accomplished something both physically and morally.”

In three years, the Charity Bib Program has raised about $400,000.