Spectrum is refusing to run Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi's campaign ads. That's according to the Democrat challenger of Congresswoman Claudia Tenney.

Brindisi held a press conference Thursday in New Hartford to make the public aware of Spectrum's decision to pull his advertisements. When asked why, Brindisi suggested politics may have something to do with it. "I suspect they've picked a horse in this race and it's not me. They support my opponent," said Brindisi. He says that it because of the $15,000 campaign contribution to Tenney and her vote to give them a $9.3 billion tax benefit.

The campaign has placed the ad buys for the beginning of the week, but by late Tuesday the ads were not running. Brindisi says the campaign's media buyer was notified that the spots were pulled, but not given any reason why. The campaign was told they would also be refunded the money.

Prior to the press conference held by Brindisi, Congresswoman Claudia Tenney's campaign released a statement responding to the topic. The statement included a quote from Tenney's campaign manager Raychel Renna.

As usual, Anthony Brindisi isn’t being honest. Democrats rule Albany with an iron fist, and it was on Brindisi and Cuomo’s watch that the Charter merger was approved for upstate New York.  Brindisi is just trying to distract voters from the $14,000 he took from Nancy Pelosi, and that he was recruited by Chuck Schumer to run for Congress so they could impeach Donald Trump.

Brindisi maintains that FCC law states that if Spectrum runs Tenney's commercials, they have to run his. Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi will join First News with Keeler in the Morning Friday morning (9/7/) at 7:10 a.m. to discuss more.

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