Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi says local taxes could rise if the federal tax plan passes in its current form.

Standing outside a home on Benton Circle in New Hartford, Brindisi said he'll fight to preserve the state and local tax -- or SALT deduction -- that saves families in our area over $10,000 a year on their taxes.

Brindisi is calling on New York's Congressional delegation to oppose repeal of the SALT deduction.

“About 86 percent of taxpayers who claim this deduction have an adjusted gross income of under $200,000.  Even if taxpayers can double the amount of the standard deduction, middle class homeowners would still be hit by an average tax increase of $815.  Ending the SALT deduction means funding for public services and our infrastructure will be at risk, because the after-tax cost of these services will go up, and state and local governments will be burdened with finding ways to maintain them,” Brindisi added.

Brindisi says over 62,000, or one-in-four tax filers in the Mohawk Valley, would be hit significantly if the SALT deduction is repealed.

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