From Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi's Office

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi is continuing his push for a Career and technical education diploma for New York State High Schools.  

Brindisi addressed the State Senate Education Committee in Syracuse today calling for creation of a new career pathway that could potentially lower the drop out rate.

Since announcing his 21st Century Education Initiative, Brindisi has built support for the plan across the state.

He said the CTE diploma is a way to help lower drop out rates by offering an alternative graduation pathway.

That pathway would train students in welding, plumbing, and computer network specialists among other skills.

"Today you can look at help wanted listings and see where the need for workers is," Brindisi said. "Welders, master plumbers, electricians, machinists, manufacturers, computer network specialists and the list goes on. At the same time we still have a significant number of students who don't finish school. I believe one of the ways to lower the drop out rate is to offer an alternative graduation pathway - and that's where the CTE diploma comes in."

Brindisi says the comments and support he's received from the public has been a big help in crafting legislation in creating the specialized diploma.