CHEVERLY, Md. (AP) — Police say they may never be able to satisfactorily explain why a man with a death wish shot at drivers and officers outside a police station in suburban Maryland while his brothers filmed the firefight on their cellphones.

Undercover narcotics officer Jacai Colson was killed in Sunday's gunfight outside the station in Prince George's County, wounded by a bullet fired by one of his colleagues.

Prince George's County police Chief Hank Stawinski said Monday he couldn't explain the "frightening" actions of the shooter or his two brothers.

Police say the gunman, 22-year-old Michael Ford, dictated a "last will and testament" just minutes before his brothers drove him to the station.

Ford was hospitalized but expected to survive. The chief says all three brothers were arrested and will face dozens of charges.

(Story by: Jessica Gresko, The Associated Press)