We all know the Bills have gotten a lot better over the last couple years, but it also looks like we're beginning to pay for it.

How much would you be willing to pay to see the Bills play?

If you are a diehard fan, chances are, you're willing to pay to see your team play and that's what they're banking on...

The team at  The Action Network have gone through to look at the numbers and it shows that the Bills have seen the 3rd highest price increase in the NFL.  Now, that being said, our tickets are still the cheapest to buy.  Our average ticket is $41.29.  The only other team even close to that number were the Jacksonville Jaguars who have an average ticket of $45.08.  (And I'd happily pay more to see our team than theirs...)

"Over the last year, the average Bills ticket has increased 10% from $74.95 to $82.49 - the 3rd biggest increase across the league. Since 2006, tickets have also been on a steady rise, increasing 100% from $41.29 to $82.49 - the 7th biggest jump in the NFL."

So which team showed the biggest jump?  That would be the Las Vegas Raiders.  They have a brand new stadium and their ticket prices have gone up the most since 2006.  Their average ticket price increased by 147% and they have the most expensive ticket in the NFL at an average of $153.47.

They're followed by the Seattle Seahawks who saw an increase of 134% from $50.46 to $117.86.

The Bills have continually said that they will refuse to price their fanbase out of the seats at the new stadium, but when you look at the prices across the league, we're easily getting the most bang for our buck. The product on the field is better...the field itself should be better...Bills fans will actually have the best situation of any fan in the league.

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