There is a little bit of an unknown fact about getting into Highmark Stadium. Really, when we first found out about this, we thought this was quite the secret to keep from Buffalo Bills fans.

There is a FAST PASS lane to get INTO the Buffalo Bills games and you don't need to buy anything extra. If you are a Toyota driver, all you have to do is go to Gate 2. There is a FAST PASS LANE and literally, all you have to do is show them your Toyota vehicle keys and you and your group get to skip the line and go right to security and then in. So, just find someone in your group who has Toyota keys and you are good to go.

This year, the gates will open up 30 minutes earlier than last season.

This season, Toyota Gate 2 will feature the "Toyota Fast Pass Lane". Fans can show their Toyota vehicle's keys for "FAST PASS" access through the designated "Toyota FAST PASS LANE" for Toyota key holders and their ticketed guests.

If you are going to the game this weekend, the FREE giveaway is a Yowie!

If you are wondering who is singing the National Anthem at the Buffalo Bills game? Who is the Legend of the game? When do the parking lots open? You can find out all of the information here.

National Anthem Singer: Charity Gayle

Legend of the Game: Eric Wood

Color Guard: Erie County Sheriff's Department

Halftime: All-Star Stunt Dogs

Zippo 3rd Quarter Break: Military Recognition


If you have not watched this yet, you need to take a look at this Buffalo Bills hype video about how the Mafia was created. It will make you cry.

Buffalo Bills Mafia Boat Parade

Hundreds of boats floated in Buffalo, New York for the first every Buffalo Bills Mafia Boat Parade. It's important to note, the Bills are only 1 and 0...and this city WILL throw quite the party if they win it all this year.

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